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3 solutions to protect yourself from the sun

From the simple shade cloth to the most sophisticated awning, from 100 to 3,000 euros and more... it has never been easier to protect yourself from the sun.


Against the sun, let's live hidden! For that, nothing better than a system adapted to its terrace. Arbor, pergola, awning or velum, make your choice!


1. Awning


Also known as a "terrace awning" or "outdoor awning", it provides shade to a terrace thanks to a fabric stretched by frames. The most sophisticated models also provide night lighting, heating, fogging, etc… The motorized versions with storage compartment are the most durable, but also the most expensive.


The addition of a roller mantling that can be integrated into the load bar and has its own motor improves protection against grazing rays. Optional side cheeks can be installed and fixed to the floor to shelter from wind and prying eyes.


Heat control: +++

UV protection: ++

Price: 600 to 3 000 euros and more.


2. Velum


Also called a "shade sail", this large triangular or square canvas can be installed and stored quickly, without taking up too much space. The important thing is that it is water repellent (waterproof) and anti-UV treated.


Installation is easy: the fabric is fixed to a tree or to the front of the house by means of pre-installed hooks. Some models are supplied with support posts, which allows the fabric to be oriented as closely as possible to the area to be shaded. It is recommended to have stainless steel anchoring accessories and to dismantle the fabric for the winter, otherwise, it will shorten its lifespan (it will also be dismantled in case of high wind).


UV protection: +

Price: 100 to 800 euros.


3. Arbor, pergola and sunshade


These structures will allow you to enjoy the sunny days in your garden, bathed in natural light but protected from solar radiation. The choice of models and styles is vast.


Light in design, the arbor consists of a metal structure covered with climbing plants or a canvas. Originally circular, today's arbor has freed itself from this obligation. It can be decorated with curtains, creating a more intimate space. To put on a lawn or to seal on the ground for a better stability.


Intended to last, the pergola is often made of wood and sometimes aluminum. It is leaned against the house and surmounted by a structure with clerestory intended to support the climbing plants. It can be combined with awnings and vertical blinds to create a closed space.

The "bioclimatic pergola" is a metal structure with a roof made of motorized aluminum slats that can be oriented with a wireless remote control.


Heat control: ++

UV protection: +

Price: arbor, 200 to 1,000 euros; pergola, 150 to 1,800 euros; sun shade, on estimate (average 500 euros per m2, installation included).


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